Monday, January 10, 2011

Anticipating a defense of Modernism. . .

You can live the rest of your days in denial, if you can get away with it. But remember Niemoller: At first they came for the Jews&I didn't speak up, then for the Communists...Catholics...and when they finally came for me, there was no one left to speak up.
We are still on that continuum. Nothing, philosophically, has improved. Modernism [and the equally pernicious post-modernism] rules here as much, if not more, as it ever did. Into this vacuum of truth, power always intrudes: Germany, Russia, global corporations, China, whomever. The “salting” which held back the tide of wickedness is losing its savor. And all this was predicted by a certain outcast in the Gospels. Our so-called “progressive values” are nearly irreversibly moving us towards perdition and the final, richly deserved judgment. We can pray like Hezekiah for a break “in our time” but he was no more perfect than I am.
You, by God's grace&the color of your skin, may have received a temporary burst of freedom, but it's an illusion. Try speaking up about abortion and homosexuality, and see where it gets you. NOwhere—all you can manage is a futuile attempt to blame everything on the Religious Right. (which does share plenty of blame, but in a way that lessens your own responsibility not a whit.)

Is the media anti-Christian

[An online friend insists the media is trying to reach out to Christians, esp. the "Emergent Church" and is even a sincere believer himself]

No doubt that's how it looks from your perspective. “Common grace” extends in all directions, and I'm sure you and even some who aren't believers are sincere in at least trying to be open minded. But I'm referring to a number of specific affronts, which we've discussed here (the persecution of the California gynecologists, for example), and more broadly to worldview. Modernism is our state religion. (Read Machen's “Christianity and Liberalism” for a classic statement of the specifics, long before the Religious Right “got a-holt” of the idea.) This religion is taught in our schools quite specifically. Since it is a way of thinking, it is more pervasive than what is thought of as religious rituals, which can be superficial. The MSM media never questions whether modernism is true, or whether it ought to be taught to our students and the basis of all political deliberations.
So it's much worse than "sentiment"--it is a pervasive, unquestioned falsehood that is incompatible with Christianity and freedom itself.