Thursday, December 20, 2012

“Christmas in Newtown”

 The link below says too many words are being spoken, and much too quickly, on the Newtown tragedy.  So I’ll respond here, on a blog that few if any read. . .

Why did this event happen at Christmas?  Because Christmas happened for events like this.  This is a sinful world.  Smaller tragedies happen every day.  God, who is infinite, is present among all those who suffer even now—not just because he is big, and therefore  “has to be” everywhere—but because he chooses to be present, in inscrutable wisdom and mysterious majesty.  And he is present as an innocent, helpless Child.  The Christ Child entered this world, and took on the suffering, AND TOOK ON THE SIN! Christmas isn’t about nice feelings, it’s about the pain: the slaughter of the innocents at Bethlehem AND Newtown.  It isn’t about denying reality and feeling good for a short while.  God embraced reality, and ushered in the reign of Christ, the King, so that sin may be banished.  One day there will be no more weeping, anywhere!  Tears will be turned to dancing, sin will be gone, and a little child will lead them.  And it has begun, even now.  In the last days GOD HAS SPOKEN THROUGH HIS SON.
”Christmas is here, best time of year”