Monday, March 12, 2007

Buried in Controversy

Being too cheap to subscribe to the Boston Glob, and being nearly buried in paper anyway, I read the freebie "METRO" that I pick up at the Newton Corner bus stop. Having heard that a certain prof. Tabor [sic] thought Christians shouldn't worry if the "husk" of Jesus' body was left behind while his spirit soared to the skies, I was inspired as follows[emphasis as published in METRO the next day]:
NEWTON . Regarding“Buried in controversy”(Feb. 27): Thanks for news about the ossuaries, but I must differ with prof. Tabor: If Jesus’ bones were in that box until a few months ago, Christianity is toast, washed up, nonsense. But what are the chances those bones lay for years a few meters from the people who had the most to gain, and lose,from their discovery? The Romans had shovels,and could’ve found the bones if they were there. Ditto for the local religious leaders whose status was threatened by Jesus and his followers. As for those with a lot to lose: Do you really believe articulate, sensible first century people such as Peter and Paul let themselves be executed for something they knew to be a lie? Crazy, right?No, warts and all, Christianity was founded by people with more sense and integrity than that. Their early enemies would’ve never allowed such a deadly secret to lie under a few inches of earth.Thanks, but it’s all too incredible, coming on the heels of those nifty Dan Brown novels. But I’ll expect Metro to keep me posted, since my TV’s broken!
Think I'm kidding about this being published? Check this out; if it's on the Web it's got to be real, right?

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joyful-reality said...

Link has been removed. It's hard to find even the current Metro online anymore. Is it not only the world's largest daily (counting all editiona together) but also the last one in pure paper?!