Sunday, November 18, 2007

"...To depict man in all his misery is to
Unmask the abyss opened, in the modern world, by God's absence....."
Francois Mauriac 1885-1970
And, sad to say, things haven't gotten better in the last 37 years. So why is this blog entitled joyful REALity? Because God is REAL and is still here! The abyss of which Mauriac speaks is what one sees upon turning away from God.
Still in denial of reality? OK, he's speaking of the abyss you enter with your eyes shut. Is that better?
Still wondering where the joy is? How about this from Desmond Tutu:
"Thinking of God makes me happy" Now you know where that HUGE smile comes from. Or Mother Theresa. OK, according to her recently published diaries nothing made her happy--but she still did the right thing 'til the day she died. And oh, the joy in Heaven!

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