Monday, September 21, 2009

Success and failure

It's often been said that baseball is one of the few professions where you can fail two times out of three and be considered a great success. But an abortionist has an even lower standard(morally if not numerically): it's a successful procedure if only one of his patients leaves the clinic in a medical waste container.
(I am of course aware that this is a complex issue. Many factors go into the decision, and people of good will have differing opinions. But it helps to state mine honestly, and to think carefully about yours! Blessings, Witness4peace)

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Tay Tay said...

You're right on this and you make a great point. One thing I've always hated about abortion and other tough topics is that they all become political issues instead of what they truly are - spiritual and moral issues. Being moral issues it really should be held up to the Bible and not a politician as to whether it is right or wrong.