Monday, December 21, 2009


Fragments for today: Manna? A hearty meal? Just what God knows I need!

"Clouds & thick darkness surround Him
Righteousness & justice are the foundation of his throne."
Though we can't see God DIRECTLY
we know that TRUTH is underneath.
God's character:
essential righteousness, holiness, perfection
and justice: its outworking in the visible world. (God, and God alone, defines justice; all else is a lot like a child whining "That's not FAIR")

Also of comfort today:
"...these have come so that your faith, which is of greater worth than gold, may be proved genuine and result in Praise Glory&Honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. "

There is a PURPOSE here; God's glory.

Finally, from the Westminster Chatechism:
What is our purpose on Earth & in Heaven?
Glorify God & enjoy him forever: Praise, Glory and Rejoicing

To the praise of his glorious Grace

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