Friday, April 29, 2011

One of the hardest things I've done recently

Hmm, what is the purpose of this? Since I'm the main one who reads it, I guess it's a diary. I just read a great blog that I found when Scot Simon trashed anonymous doctor blogs.
Well, I'm not a doc so this is still semi-anon.
Soo, I almost cried this morning. My daughter cried when I said since it's nice day she has to walk to school. I texted her yesterday and suggested she walk with her friends. She didn't, thinking I'd give in AND I ALMOST DID. You see, I know a secret: this is the last May she'll ever walk though this gorgeous suburban neighborhood! I'm boarding with a widow, and her son needs to move back in with his family. (It's not exactly a hard luck story; more of a family/work balance).
My first thought is, yes, another widow from the same church. In both cases, it was mutually beneficial. There are all sorts of “do I want to look dependent” issues here. But in fact, we are ALL dependent one way or another! If we are retired, then we are aging and need to plan for death (another reason for the son's move perhaps?). If we are middle aged and retired, why aren't we working;-)
And so forth.
Behind success there is some sort of dependence. It's just more obvious in my case. I AM a success! I have two gorgeous daughters, including the one that cried today, and almost made me cry!

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